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Introducing Cards

Crazy Mau Mau

One of the most popular card games of all time made perfect. In your pocket. Anywhere. Anytime.

All-in-one online mobile game that made the Mau Mau we all know much better for your playing pleasure and relaxing experience.

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Fun and dynamic game


2 Players

Classic Game

Show your skills in a 1v1 room. Win against your opponents and collect the gold chips, which you can bet in your next match.


4 Players

Party Game

More players, more fun. 4 players, 1 table. Show the rest who is the best in the room, claim the top of the leaderboard, and receive your rewards.


2 Players

Duel Mode

Don’t just brag about your skills. Invite your friends over, challenge them, and show them how it’s really done in Mau Mau.


Cool and Superior gameplay

Introducing a unique, simple, and engaging interface. Our creative designers work wonders so that you have the most aesthetically enjoyable and compelling experience, alongside the characters accompanying you in the game.

The most comfy gameplay. Forget complexity. We offer a simple, yet fun and relaxing gameplay that allows you to compete with others in full comfort.


Richest gold store and daily bonuses

The in-game store offers gold chips for the most considerate prices,
as well as options to claim those as daily rewards.
We’ve made the most efficient options
for our users to never feel annoyed.

Bag Landlord 10 000 Gold Coins
Coin Businessman 50 000 Gold Coins
Bottle Lucky One 10 000 Gold Coins
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